04 October 2011

Shamanic Retreat to Isla Mujeres
February 18-25, 2012

Isla Mujeres (The Women's Island) is a small island about a 20 minute ferry ride into the Caribbean Sea from Cancun Mexico. The north end of the island has all the amenities any northern winter vacationer might want: fabulous gourmet dining, interesting shopping, massages on the beach, flowing rum and tequila, and a tiny bit of nightlife.

The southern part of the island is its own quiet small town. At the southern tip you'll find Punta Sur, which holds a funky sculpture garden and a 300 year old temple to Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of the sea, the moon, the rain, fertility, the jaguar, weaving, and birth – in other words, one Mayan name for the Great Mother. There by her temple, we will sing, rattle, drum and pray in reverence, surrounded on three sides by the sea, crashing majestically from the wild, open Caribbean side, flowing shallow and gentle from the Yucatan side, and blending into a milky way-like swirl of aqua, cerulean and indigo before us to the southern side.

There, as many generations of Mayan and non-Mayan women (and a few non-women) have, we will pray in humility for a healthy birth and rebirth of ourselves and this world. We will make our offerings, pleas, vows and acts of beauty to the great unnamable, unclaimable, untamable creative Spirit that guides us to our authentic powers, to our prophetic mission, and to our active tasks as we walk the land-path north again, back to our lives.

Our retreat makes its home at a Casa de las Palmas, (click for pictures) a gorgeous, private villa with its own pool and access to a secluded beach. The beach will be the center of much ceremonial and shamanic work. The villa is our place of rest, delight, conversation, friendship, and tribal wahoo. Our casa holds a maximum of 15.

Each morning of the retreat I will provide a delightful bit of basic, practical, useful shamanic instruction - something that you can put into practice in your real life to expand your capabilities, leadership, prayer life and connection with Spirit. Each day you are free to explore, lounge in non-snowy delight and vacation in any way that appeals to you.

We will make ceremony together at our private place. We will make ceremony together at Ixchel’s temple. And if you want it, I will design and/or enact training, instruction or specific ceremony for you. For more details, click here to go to my web site.

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