29 September 2011

Drumming Firday, Sept 30 - WAHOO!

Dear Drummers,

Welcome one and all to drumming this Friday, September 30, at First Universalist Church in cosmically stimulating Uptown, Minneapolis, 7-9:30ish. Drums and many other wahoo-makers are provided if you don't have one. No experience, skill or tools needed - just a desire to be open, to have fun, and if you want, to work on refining your soul-power, so that this whirlwind we call life buffets you to and fro with less ferocity.

We are all in a whirlwind life in one form or another, and the reason drumming exists is to help us at least survive the wind, but in the best case scenario, actually exit it. It's good to be in a room of drummers and spiritual seekers, and know that you are not alone in the wind.

See you at the drum!


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