04 August 2011

Within singing distance of the Mississippi River, cradled among the giant trees, with both shelter and open spaces available in case of rain.

Saturday, August 13
Time: 5-9ish PM.
Hidden Falls State Park - North Gate (Map)
Water Ceremony at 6:30. Drum ceremony at 7:30. Drumming, dancing and ebullient wahoo throughout.

The intention is simple: Let us gather in gratitude to the spirit of the drum which is also the spirit of the earth and the wholly Holy Spirit of mystery, love, darkness, dreams, openness, pathwalking, beauty-making, inner courage, life-force, God/ess, shaper, unnameable, ungraspable delight-maker, healer and teacher. Bring a drum or rattle (we’ll have extra too), blanket or camp chair if you want to, wares to sell if you want, some food and drink (with a little extra to share) and a desire to commune with the larger tribe of those who love this earth and love to drum.

The feeding of the drums: With fire and incense, we ritually feed our drums - an annual ritual that honors the many gifts given to us by the drum and reconfirms our openness to the drum spirit's many teachings. If you have a drum, bring it. If you don't have one, dont worry - you can feed one of the many in the community "Mound 'O Drums."

The blessing of the waters: At the banks of the pulsing Mississippi we gather to honor this artery, this serpent of life, this winding song of the Great Mother from which we all drink and are sustained.

The sharing of the medicine: Each one of us carries medicine for the world. Big, small, subtle, obvious, it doesn't matter how your medicine comes into the world. What matters is that it does. The overall prayer of the day will be for each of us to awaken to our medicine, to find the courage and clarity to share it with the world, to say Yes to it.The world needs you to be alive to your medicine.

Selling wares: Please feel free to bring wares to sell. Tables, blankets, full-on display booth, whatever works for you. Just set up and see what happens. Of course there is no charge. Good luck. We cannot gurantee how many poeple will be there, but last year about 120 people gathered.

Questions? Comntact Jaime Meyer: drummingthesoulawake@gmail.com

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