26 April 2011


Dear Drummers,

Welcome one and all to the previously unscheduled drum, this Friday, April 29th in the basement womb of First Universalist Church in cosmically kinky uptown Minneapolis!

Why the unscheduled drum? Because of the dream I had Monday night.

I have kind of ritualized practice in terms of how I serve the Spirit and our drumming community. On the Monday before the next drum, I send prayers for the community out, and I send an open-ended question out to the otherworld “What do the people need from Friday’s drum?” Often a clear answer comes, often none at all, often blurry mixed messages that make me grumble and mutter all night long.

Last Monday, with no drum this week, I had a powerful dream. I woke up with a clear message that what was needed this Friday was smudging (cleansing with aromatic smoke). The smudging has a clear purpose: to reshuffle inner energies so that you may trust your visions, trust your love, and trust your power.

I waited for a couple of days to make sure I wasn’t making stuff up, and also that this dream wasn’t just talking to me, but to anyone who shows up on Friday. That voice had not gone away this afternoon, so I called the church to ask if our usual drumming room was available, and it was. So: Wahoo. Drum this Friday!

As usual, for about 90 minutes we’ll drum up some sweet-spicy-syncopation that I hope will coax open your fragrant magnolia blossoms and radiant tulip petals! We’ll fill the room with grooveliciousness that will massage away the small cares and curse of this world (and some large ones) and open your soul space to the cleansing of the four winds: the wind of mystery, the wind of love, the wind of trust, and the wind of endurance.* Then all who wish to are welcome to stay for a cleansing from Spirit, delivered in the form of smoke and birds wings.

Please feel free to bring a few snacks for people to share.

*Please don’t in any way think these four winds are some traditional schema. I just completely made up those categories while typing really fast. But I will say, these are the four winds we’ll invite into the room.

If you have read this far, I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I have about 8 spots left for the weekend drumming-shamanic-wahoo-weekend May 20-22. If you check my web site and say “Hey! That’s definitely for me!” please email me soon to reserve a spot. Discounts are still available and if money is a big obstacle, just talk to me and we can likely work something out.

See you soon,


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