04 January 2011

Openess, Fear, Trust

All true spiritual work is about the tension between being open and being safe. That sounds lovely to say, but in practice it becomes difficult at different times because openness and fear are in a constant dance. You fear your experiences, or you fear what you imagine you may experience if you are too open. There is a point where openness becomes naiveté. Sometimes you are encouraged to be afraid, and sometimes that's good advice. So how does a seeker make their way? How do you navigate the tension between openness to new experience, trust, and fear? What has worked for you?


  1. What I hsve tried to do is to understand that often times of views of fear and safety arise out of ignorance. Not seeing things as they really but seeing things through my own social conditioning. I try to be open but with acceptance for what may or may not occur and not take it personally. There can be no fear where who and what you are does not depend on anything outside of yourself. The tension that exists between openeness and safety is rooted in the ego. Still on the journey.

  2. I agree that fear comes from our ego which believes that we are mortal and can actually die. When we finally realize that our true nature is energy (spirit) which cannot ever be destroyed...then fear has no power. What use is this fearful, greedy ego anyway?