09 January 2011

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Dear Seekers,

I’ve been asked many times to provide intensive shamanic training. I’ve been able to wrestle my schedule and create a four-month session, described below. The group will meet six times, but the bulk of your work will take place outside of those meetings, and will be created by you and me for your individual needs. My job will be to listen to where you are and what you want, and to find the right ways to move you to the next level.

If you are interested in this, you’ll want to be available for these Saturday mornings:
Feb 12, 26
March 12
April 2, 16
May 7

And you’ll want to contact me soon: drummingthesoulawake@gmail.com

The Next Level: Personal Shamanic Soulwork

Beginning early February, meeting approximately twice per month on Saturday mornings through May 7. The Saturday meetings will be mini-workshops on a theme and will include shamanic journey work or ceremony and individualized consultation. You will begin by completing a questionnaire, followed by a conversation with me about what you are deeply yearning for and a divination from me. This will create the outline for your individualized, personal work during this training. It doesn’t matter where you are starting out; the goal is move to the next level from where you are. Your training will involve some or all of the following:
· shamanic journey work on your own once or twice per week;
· prayer, indoors and outdoors;
· individualized personal ceremonies and other tasks assigned by me;
· reading assigned by me;
· memorizing some poetry;
· A commitment to confidentiality inside the group;
· A willingness to be open, honest and vulnerable to both your group-mates and the teachings;
· work outside in nature, sometimes not so comfortable;
· service to a community of your choosing. Part of that service will include our drumming community.

This work requires commitment on your part. That commitment will include:
· Attending at least 4 of the six Saturday sessions. (Understand that missing a session means missing assignments and the growth that comes from them.)
· Attending a Friday drum at least once per month or more.
· A fiery desire to go to the next level.
· Openness to facing fears and swimming through ambiguity and confusion.
· Trust in the process, trust in the teacher
· Payment of $600. $350 is due before the first session, and is non-refundable after the work begins. $250 is due by April 2. I can be somewhat flexible on payment schedule and I can be somewhat flexible on the amount. What matters to me most in a student is commitment. If money is not the form that the commitment can take, then we can find another way.

Deep Winter Blessings,


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