28 October 2010

Photo: J in the cavern of the ancestors, otherwise known as the studio where eight people are building ancestor masks.

Dear Drummers,
Below are two prayers that I hope will help set the mood if you are coming to the Spiritual Halloween event tomorrow, or merely be useful if you if have other plans.

Prayer for the first part of Friday's drum:
You Presences: you breaths, you vibrations, you sound of flickering leaves and unseen wings, you far off water burbling, you mist-silenced mountain, you space between stars, you gust of summer, you root-song, you murmur of minerals, you glow inside the ember, you gleam on the antler, glimmer on the feather, glitter on the wave crest, we gather to thank you and honor you. You teach us, you heal us, and lead us into beauty. You change us in ways we want and don't want. May our laughter and music make you fat with delight, may our dance bring a fire of pleasure into your eyes. May our love of this world and of each other make you giddy with gladness. May our love of your mystery make you dizzy with pride for us. We thank you, we thank you we thank you.

Prayer for the second part of Fridays' drum:
You, ancestors: blood inside my blood that I know and do not know, that I feel and do not feel, that I see in the mirror and do not see; we honor you and thank you. You whisper to us and you live in us. We stand on your shoulders in order to see the world. May our laughter and music make your legs strong and your hearts glad. May our drum songs fill your mouths with food. May our dance kindle a healing fire to burn away your old fears and your old disappointments. May the work of our hands and the work of our hearts and the work of our minds for this evening be a healing song poured onto your old regrets and humiliations. Strength to you: nourishment and love from this world to your world. May your hearts be warmed and your eyes filled with sweet tears when you behold our respectful and loving attentions to you this evening. We thank you, we thank you we thank you.


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