22 September 2010

Drumming This Friday and Saturday!

Two drums this week:
Friday: First Universalist Church, 34th and Dupont, Uptown Mpls.
Saturday: UU Church of Minnetonka
7-9:30ish each night.

Dear Drummers,

So we arrive at the autumnal equinox - the point in the sun's yearly rhythm where day and night are equally balanced, heading toward the dark time, toward to the winter solstice. The equinox is officially on Thursday, as is the full moon. The full moon will rise again on Friday at around 7:15, so we will be bathed in equinoxical moonshine as we drum together.

This is the time of year when, in the Celtic wheel of the year, we move from the direction south, associated with bright summer, music, dancing and glee, toward the mythic west - the realm of water, destiny, faith, mystery, grieving, letting go.

When we gather this Friday, we will celebrate the transition into early autumn, with at least one wild, whirling throb-groove, and at least one sonically wistful meander. I also hope to tell you a beautiful Irish story of the powers of the west and how they call to us, urge us and cajole us into the Presence of Mystery.

I intend to shorten the Friday drum slightly so that those who want to can follow me a few blocks south from the church to a park where we may cavort and drum (softly) to the equinoxically glimmering moon. You might bring a long sleeved shirt, and if you want, a blanket to lie on or even a camp chair if you wish.

I leave you with old Scottish invocation to the moon:

O moon so fair,
May it be so,
As seasons come,
And seasons go.
May thy laving lustre leave us
Seven times still more blest.

(Laving: 1. To wash; bathe. 2. To lap or wash against. 3. To refresh or soothe as if by washing.



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