21 June 2010

Solstice Thanks

Dear Drummers,
Thanks to the 200+ of you who drummed, danced, wahooed, revered, wept, insighted, prayed and generally did the work of a gleefully serious spiritual human being at the two summer solstice drums this weekend. We were all incredibly blessed by the presence of that powerful band of women singers, The Idisi. And of course, the drum itself, our teacher and ally, was as gracious as ever to us.

It never ceases to amaze me how powerful these events can be, whether it is a smaller group at our monthly drums, or a larger tribal gathering at the solstices. If you were at either drum, please feel free to send me your comments and feedback. If you missed this one you did miss an amazing time, but do not worry, my plan is to offer larger events like these at each solstice, and at the two equinoxes, a weekend retreat. And of course, the Friday drums in between.

Blessings of Summer to you!


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