14 June 2010

Dear Drummers,

Join us this weekend for Summer Solstice Blessing!

The entire audience drums. Drums are provided, or bring your own! Dancing and ecstasy are allowed (but not required). Laughter and spiritual juiciness are virtually guaranteed.

I will weave storytelling, sheer wildness and shamanic ceremony from Celtic and northern European traditions into an inspiring, funny, and, if you are seeking it, healing evening. Idisi (a chorus of ultra cool, groovilly gorgeous goddessy women) will chant ebullient, earthy melodies that Lutherans are not allowed to learn. Idisi expertly calls in the sonic love vibes of the Divine Feminine. Everyone who wants to can receive a blessing from the powers of sun, earth, blossoms and the powers of change.

"Meyer’s writing is enormously seductive...farfetched whimsy with thickly textured thoughtfulness..." - Star Tribune

"It takes you safely into the Spirit world to romp, grieve and be healed, and then back out again..."-Past audience member

Dates: June 18 or 19
Time: 7:30 PM
Place: The Minnesota Opera Center,
620 North First Street, Downtown Minneapolis.
Ample free parking across the street, paid parking 1/2 away
and on the street. Click here for a map.
Ticket Price: $20
Order advance tickets online by clicking here
(Or you may pay cash at the door.)
House opens at 7 PM and the drumming begins!
All seats are general admission and seating is limited.
Past Solstice Blessing events have sold out quickly.

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