04 March 2010

Drumming March 5! Wa-hoo!

Dear Drummers,

I welcome you to our first Drumming the Soul Awake: SAINT PAUL EDITION, this Friday, from 7-9:30 PM. That’s right, let them say “Oh, poor pitiful Saint Paul rolls up the streets at 5 o’clock…” We will prove them WRONG with some ecstatic Earth-loving whoop-de-doo.

Where: St. Paul Area Council of Churches Building (1671 Summit Avenue, two block west of Snelling Avenue on the north side of Summit. Their phone: 651-646-8805). I’ve drummed in this space several times before. It’s slightly bigger than the space we use in south Minneapolis, and it’s very inviting.

As usual, we will drum for awhile - no previous skills or experience needed! And then those who wish to stay for the second part can enter into the meditative, heart-stirring, imagination-nourishing, soul-loving presence of the Spiritual Drum. Drums are provided, or bring your own. Bring a friend (or meet a new friend at the drum!) Please pass this email along to whomever you think may be intrigued.

One of our drummers said to me recently, “Everybody’s injured. We understand that. Everybody needs healing. Sure. It’s our culture, our modern industrialized society, that is responsible. Yes, we know. That’s not what scares us. What scares us is we have a visceral sense that the big change is coming. Actually, it’s already underway. Normal is gone and it’s not coming back. It is a transformation of that modern industrialized society, of our culture, of lifestyle and livelihood, of economy big and small. Transformation is occurring all around us, in every aspect of our life. We’re not ready for it. We’re not equipped for it. That makes us afraid.”

He could not have described more eloquently why the path of the drum as I present it (wildly fun drum plus carefully deep shamanic experiences) offers you the skills to navigate through the changes - personal, communal, global - in which you find yourself swimming. This Friday we will continue to work with images from the Celtic shamanic tradition: Brigit, the goddess of healing and transformation, and the earth serpent that “emerges from the mound.” I think it will be a powerfully nurturing evening for you. And it’s in totally rockin’, ecstatic SAINT PAUL!

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