12 September 2009

Fall Drumming Retreat

I have been offered an extraordinary opportunity to hold a drumming retreat Oct 9-11 (Friday-Sunday) at a lovely resort, Crow Wing Crest Lodge, near Brainerd. Click here to see their web site.

I've been there twice with my family, and it is very beautiful and peaceful, located on a lovely lake near great hiking trails (and Itasca State Park) and it's more upscale than places we have held retreats at in the past (It has actual beds, actual living rooms and couches.) We would be the only people there that weekend, and the autumn colors should still be vibrant.

I’m calling the retreat "Nurturing the Fires of Eros." The weekend is dedicated to the element fire, and we would ask that spirit to help us nurture (or reignite) the life-force - the fire of eros - that is in us, that animates our creativity, boldness, curiosity, confidence, pleasures, and passion for life. We would also ask the element fire to cleanse us of any obstacles in us that inhibit the flow of our erotic, life-loving energies.

The resort has a great sauna, so we’d definitely have steam ceremony (the lake is few steps away for those who want to do the classic post-steam dunk!). There is also a fabulous large outdoor fire ring on the beach and an indoor fireplace in the Lodge if it's raining or cold.

I imagine a weekend where we drum together surrounded by water, earth, air and fire - lots of fire. I don’t want to over-plan the weekend because I'd like to offer you some long stretches of rest, conversation, and silent contemplation if you wish, So even if you just want a break and don’t really want the steam or the drumming or the rowdy, erotic laughing, you are still heartily invited!

Beyond drumming together, I will offer those who want it the opportunity for creating your own personal ceremony working with the element fire, asking for energy, support, healing, or blessing of your own powers of eros. There is also massage available on site, and the people who own the resort do reflexology and aromatherapy. You can bring a drum or borrow one of my many instruments.

The cost is $210 and that includes lodging and Friday and Saturday dinner. The cabins have full kitchens for other food needs. There are restaurants about a ten minute drive away. I’ve tried to keep the cost as low as possible and I have a few scholarship spots if the fee is impossible for you to pay. It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive from the Twin Cities. You could arrive anytime after 3 on Friday, and I think it’s possible to go on Thursdays if you want to (that would add about another $60).

Please let me know if you would like to attend. I hope to keep the size of the group under 20. Email me at Jaime@drummingthesoulawake.com.


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