03 August 2009

August 2009 Experiences

Amanda Hone

Dear seekers after earthy wonder,

I can’t stand it, I want to drum. I want to drum in the woods. How about you? It's a full moon this Friday.

Below are a series of drumming experiences I am offering in August. The first one, August 7th (7-9:30PM) is most like one of our usual drumming events, except it will be outdoors. The location is Hidden Falls Park, North Entrance. (There is a south entrance too, but we will be at the north entrance). We will meet in the open space near the covered dining areas. Then I will lead you to a hidden spot in the woods, and we will drum, drum, drum for about an hour. Then the second part of the evening will focus on contacting the spirits of nature. Wa-hoo!

Click for Directions. Bring a blanket or camp chair to sit on. And bug spray if you need it. And water to drink. And an absolute lack of worry about how you look when you are sweating and ecstatic. And a dose of curiosity. And a love of this wondrous earth.

The remaining August events described below will be limited to less than a dozen people, and focused on exploring the modern shamanic path. If you are looking only for cool, spirit-filled drumming, August 7th is for you, and you can skip the rest of this email. If you are interested in an introduction to the modern shamanic path, read on, traveler, read on.

Other August Drum Experiences
If you are interested in any of the below, please email me your reservation. I have a couple of scholarship spots open, so if money is your only obstacle to attending any of these, please feel free to contact me, and don’t let money stop you. There is also what I call “the intensive option” which is a way of adding in more individual guidance from me as you work through all or any of the experiences below. You can choose to attend one or more of the “intensive meetings” in this option.

Saturday Aug 8: Shamanic Experience: The Wisdom of Wild Things
1-4 PM Cost: $45 Intensive mtg. at 11:30
This work will focus on what are often called “power animals.” For those of you who have no experience in this area, this will be a very good introduction and will lay the groundwork for a great deal of further shamanic study. For those who have had experience with power animals, you can use this workshop to deepen your relationship with the other world. Location: Hidden Falls Park, North entrance. We will meet in the open space near the covered dining areas.
Click for Directions

Friday 14th Intensive meeting 7-8:30 PM At First Universalist Church, 34th and Dupont
Saturday Aug: 15: Shamanic Experience: The Healing of the Waters
1-4 PM Cost: $45
This experience is dedicated to asking to be healed. It will involve getting wet. Very, very wet. Like all shamanic work, this will be most effective for you if you bring to it a very open and trusting heart and a deep need to be set free from what has wounded you.
Location: Hidden Falls Park, North entrance. We will meet in the open space near the covered dining areas.
Click for Directions

Friday Aug 28: Intensive meeting 7-8:30 PM
Saturday Aug 29: Shamanic Experience: The Baptism of the Elements
1-4 PM Cost: $45
The focus is on making a change in your life, asking for support for that change from the elements (earth, water, fire and air) and also making a promise to the elements. This is a simple sounding experience, but I can tell you from experience that it can be quite challenging and profound, and absolutely not to be taken lightly.
Location: To be determined.

Sunday Aug 30: intensive meeting/coffee chat 10 am-11:30

You can sign up for all of the above, or pick and choose.

Intensive option: Like our Friday drums, all of the above are “stand-alone” experiences that require no preparation, no follow up, and no previous experience. Also like the Friday drums, if you chose to participate in all of these experiences, they build on one another creating a total that is greater than the sum of the parts. For those who have previous shamanic experience or want want to go deeper into this kind of study, I have what I call the Intensive option which is merely a way for us to work on crafting your journey through these experiences more to you specific, individual needs. Those choosing this option will have the option to meet with me one-on one and also as a group.

If you are not part of the intensive study, please feel free to pay on the spot at any of the experiences you are able to attend. Cash is best, but checks are okay too.

For those in the intensive study your total cost is $250. I ask that you pay $150 in advance of or at the first meeting on Aug. 7, and $100 by Friday Aug 29 (unless I have made other arrangements with you). If this poses a problem let’s chat about the timing. If you decide to exit the study before Aug 15, I will refund $75, and no refunds will happen after that point. It’s outside of my nature to sound so strict, but I consider the commitment you are making to be very important. I will work very hard to give you the best experience and guidance I can, and hope you will return this by placing this brief time period very high on your priority list. You may pay by check or cash at our first meeting, or you can pay through www.paypal.com (click on “send money” and enter jaime@drummingthesoulawake.com ).

Thanks to you all for your shimmering courage and your warm yearning.

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