16 April 2008

Join the fun on April 25th

Dear Drummers,

If you are one of the hundreds who attended any of my sold-out Winter Solstice events in the last two years at Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality, make reservations to join us April 25th from 7 -9 PM. With the entire audience drumming and chanting, we'll journey toward the the groovelicious fragrance of the original, love-bursting, flowering of creation. It’s going to be joyous (even raucous!) celebration of spring!

Bring your drum rattle or other noisemaker. I'll also have a pile of drums and other stuff for you to use. No drumming experience needed! Just the yearning for coming into contact with the Divine Spirit in the drum.

“It’s impossible to describe the experience! Jaime took the whole audience to a place of wonder, love, and healing.” (past audience member).

For more info see: Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality.

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