06 April 2008

Dear Drummers,

Those of you who were at the April 4th drum may be interested in a bit more about the Hindu Black Bee Goddess Bhramari Devi. Sue found the info below. Thank you all for the buzzing good time!

"Bramari" signifies the 'Bees' in Hindi language. Shri Mataji said that the central heart chakra posesses 12 petals and it helps build the antibodies to protect humans from disease. Within this chakra resides Bhramari Devi and emits the droning notes of 'Bees' termed 'Bhramaran' as it throbs. It protects us from external attacks of negativities like bacteria or virus and is predominantly felt up to the age of 12 years in humans. It takes the form of Durga to protect us all the time, providing the element of confidence and security.

According to Hindu mythology, there once lived an asura (demon) called Arun. He wanted to establish his kingdom by driving out the devas (nature spirits). The devas gathered together to decide how to defeat their enemy, but meanwhile, Aruna, surrounded by his army, invaded the heavens and dislodged the devas from their stations. The devas left their city, families and wives to seek advice from Lord Shiva. Thus Aruna effortlessly entered the kingdom. He summoned his fellow demons and angrily ordered them to summon the wives of the devas. The devis were brought before Aruna. In utter fear they closed their eyes and prayed to Parmeshwari Devi to save them.

Parmeshwari Devi transformed herself into a large bee and with a swarm of bees which emerged out from her form surrounded the wives of the devas and sent out numerous lines of black bees, which joined with those emerging from her hands, covering the whole Earth. The sky was completely overcast with the swarm of bees, and the Earth was cast into darkness. The sky, mountain peaks, trees, forests, all became filled with bees and the specacle presented a terrific sight. Then the black bees began to tear assunder the breasts of the demons, as bees sting those who disturb their hives. The powerless asuras could not fight or communicate with one another, and so perished rapidly. Adi Shakti, in her form as the divine bee approached Aruna asura and said, "O, asura! Meet your end!" And she stung him to death. The devis thanked Parmeshwari Devi for saving their chastity. That is how Devi got the name of 'Bhramari Devi' as the protector.

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